Want a New Mobile Phone

Having a new mobile phone is actually one of my desire to buy this time. Although I still have my old working phone but my compulsive buying attitude strikes again. I want to buy a new phone preferably pink in color, touchscreen or not as long as its a mobile phone. I keep on searching online and also here in our local shopping mall for those cell phones that I like. I hope I can find a drop down sale here in our city since we are having our city fiesta.

I am now choosing between the Blackberry Torch, Blackberry  Curve, iPhone 4 and other smart phones like Nokia or Samsung. But I still have to check my budget first. Right now I am saving money out from my online earnings so I could buy a new mobile phone soon.

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2 Responses to “Want a New Mobile Phone”

  1. Sam Turner says:

    Hiya, I just got an iphone 4, but heard that the iphone 5 is coming out soon. I got the white phone and I love it, as it is much easier to see in my bag. You can probably buy a pink case for it.

  2. sarah says:

    Yes! Its nice to have a new latest phone i love the iphone4 and Galaxy. But for now I don’t have that money to buy one.

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