Every time my daughter heard a strong winds where leaves and branches are falling from the tree and specially when heavy rain falls, she would come to me, hide and hug me. She will tell me she’s scared of the rain. She would asked me if the flood will come again. I could feel that she’s really scared and she doesn’t want to experience it anymore. She told me that the flood is bad and she doesn’t want to be tossed to another roof and felt cold during those times when we were at the rooftop calling for help.

From the first few days after the flood hit our place, my daughter told me that she didn’t want to go home. She just want to stay from my in law’s house where we stayed temporarily. I just keep on telling her that we should go back to our home since her Papa was there cleaning our things and he is also sleeps there. Good thing she understand what’s going on that’s why we are now back to our home sweet home.

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