My four year old daughter at her age is such an active and smart girl. She is eager to learn and experience new things for herself.  I have observed that preschoolers like her really wants to learn from their play and they are busy in developing their skills using their language and they want to  establish themselves in becoming more independent than toddlers. They can express their wants and needs since they have greater command of language.

With regards to my daughter’s physical development, she’s very active and aggressive in playing. Right now she likes playing with her cooking toys. I was just amazed how she imitate and followed the cooking video tips that she saw on Youtube. I think I have a future chef soon.  :)

She wants to feel important and worthwhile. In other words, she wants to be the center of attention. I think maybe because she’s our only child that’s why she wants us to appreciate and praise her for her achievements.  She’s also learning to take turns and to share.That’s what I have observed on her social and emotional development.

Her intellectual development is also improving. She ask a lot of questions including the how  and why questions.  She can easily understand and memorize the things that she learned. She’s very talkative and people are so amused on her since she loves talking with older people and enjoy serious discussions. Most of her friends are teenagers and she enjoyed talking with them. Take note: she talks with them in English  and some of her teen friends finds it hard to understand her every time they try  to talk  to her. They’re having a nosebleed LOL!

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