My daughter recently wrecked our DVD player. My hubby was trying to fix it but it can never be fixed. Due to our anger, we spanked her. Every time she did something wrong like when she broke something, doing some messy stuff, and anything that makes us mad and angry, we spanked her. We know it is not good to spank a child but it is our way to discipline her. She knows that its her mistake so she accepts the spank. She cried but after then she kept silent and eventually makes some sweet talk by hugging and kissing us. We will then tell her about her mistake so that she will not do it again.

As we all know, spanking is a much debated topic. Most child psychologists do not recommend spanking as a discipline method for children. However, other psychologists and many parents will tell you that a spanking given with fairness, love and care is an effective discipline technique. The decision as to the usefulness of spanking is best made by a child’s parents.

How about you mommies? Do you  spank your child too?
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One Response to “Do You Spank Your Child?”

  1. Willa says:

    No,I never spank my child,never was and never will be,but it doesn’t mean I’m a better parents than those. We have our own way of disciplining them. I just dont like the idea of “hurting” them just because they break or did something unacceptable, for me,it’s giving them the idea that those materials are more important than them, which is not true of course.I just let them know how I feel when they do something that I’m not happy about ,if it doesn’t work, grounding them for doing the things they love the most is always my last resort.Thank GOD,it works!

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