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At first I am very hesitant of having a baby. Me and my hubby have been together for more than 7 years already but we still didn’t think of having a baby at that time. Just when the time comes that my mom and my in-laws wants to have a grandchild , then we decided to have a baby.

Since this is my first pregnancy, my mom always reminds me to regularly visit my Ob gyne for my pre-natal check-up, ultrasound, medication and many others. When the time comes that I was about to conceive, it was the most difficult experience I had ever experienced in my entire life.

I just gave birth at home. I wasn’t able to go to a nearest hospital because I feel that my baby would come out already. All the mixed emotions I felt during that time. I was even thinking that it might be the end of my life. But thanks to my ever supportive husband who did not leave me until I gave birth. We just hire a traditional midwife and it only takes 2 hours that I had my labor and then I gave birth to my baby girl. She was completely in breech position. Her feet was the first to came out.

It was so hard for me, I almost couldn’t breath because the head of my baby was the last to came out. She has so many black spots all over her legs due to the shortness of breathing I had experienced during my delivery.

I thanked the Lord for giving me the courage, the strength and determination despite of all the trials I had faced during my pregnancy and up to the day that I was about to give birth.

Our first family photo 2 days after I gave birth

I’m so happy back then when my baby came to the world. She was 7.8 pounds and a healthy and bouncing baby girl.It was a complete feeling of true happiness that at last we are finally called  a Family.

We thank God for all the GREAT BLESSING He had given unto us…. and that’s our precious daughter. This is my forever cherished memories of my pregnancy and my most memorable moment as a Mother.

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It’s Mommy Moments once again and for this week we are sharing our black and white photos of our little kiddos.  Here’s my entry of our future musician ^_^

She already got that musical talent when she was still 1 year old where she wants to imitate me when I’m singing in front of many people. She wants to grab the microphone and sing with me too.

She really shows an interest when she saw someone who are playing a musical instruments like playing the drums. She pays attention on the drummer of our church that’s why after church service, she hurriedly sat down on the drummer’s chair and start to roll the drums.

When her father played the keyboard, she also grabbed her little keyboard and sat beside him as she tries to imitate pressing those keys and make some tune and melody in it.

We will always be there to help her with her passion and encourage her love for music.

mommy moments

news and informations automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travelautomotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel

Balikbayan Boxes

My mom has been asking for some things that we want so she can put it all in a package using balikbayan boxes. The things that I want? Of course I want a designer bags, clothes, perfumes, make ups and other bling-blings! My daughter will surely love the yummy Swiss chocolates and chips. Oh! Did I mention I also love that too? hahaha! and for my hubby, a Swiss watch and perfume and for the rest of my relatives, well, I think my mom knows what they want and what’s the best pasalubong for them.

She is using Philair Logistics as the freight forwarder and when it arrives here in the Philippines, it is forwarded via Victorian Freight Express. Using sea freight, it usually arrives here in our place around 3 months. It takes a long time but its worthy since there is no missing items on the package. Unlike before when my mom used to send the balikbayan boxes through Post Office. Gosh! there were so many items missing and even chocolates and candies were eaten. I could testify how corrupt the people working at the Post Office and most of all, at the Bureau of Customs. We are thankful to Philair and Victorian Freight because they are not like that. Now we are expecting for 4 Balikbayan boxes to arrive a few months from now and we are all excited for that. ^_^

news and informations automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travelautomotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel