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I had a great day today since we celebrated Mother’s day together with my fellow moms at the church. We were asked to go on stage, our loved ones gave us  some flowers and we were serenaded by one of our church member. They even made a slideshow photos with beautiful and heartwarming song for mothers. My fellow mommies and I were so happy and so blessed and we appreciate their effort in appreciating our hard work, support and unconditional love for our family.

Motherhood is indeed a tough 24 hour job with no pay and no day off, but it is the most rewarding job since the payment is pure love. I am glad that God has created a woman to be a mother, even though motherhood is a full time job, a mother’s work is never done. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow beautiful Mommies out there! :)

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bbmeMy daughter has been away with me for 4 days but it seems like its been a long year for me waaaaaaah! I missed my daughter so much and she misses me too. It’s so sweet of her to know that she wants to go home co’z she wanted to be with her mom.

We have to be away from each other because I’m having a chicken pox right now and I don’t want her to be infected with the virus. My friend who has been recently recovered from chicken pox advised me that the transferring of virus only happens when the dark spots was already there and it being peeled off.

As of this time, I’m still on the inflammation stage where the huge chicken pox are so visible in my face and other parts of my body. I’m still waiting that it will burst out by itself that’s why I decided that my daughter will stay with me. When you are a mom, you can resist missing your child specially when she’s far away from you.

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Most women fully know the rigors associated with motherhood. This is exemplified by the fact they always have to balance their time between working and caring for their young ones. For example, they have to take their kids for soccer practice, go to the grocery stores and finish up on a company report among others. A mother’s busy schedule demands that she invests in a reliable car. Having a sturdy car will enable her to fulfill her responsibilities with minimal hassles. However, there is need to recognize the fact that family needs and personal preferences will always vary when selecting a family car for mum drivers.


Best models for mum drivers

The most suitable car models for mum drivers range from kid-friendly SUVs to hatchback wagons. Some of these models include:

The 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

The 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan is suitable for mum drivers who are always on the go with their little ones. It has a seating capacity of seven, which will definitely provide enough seating space for everyone. While driving, mums can keep their passengers entertained thanks to its various multi-media add-ons. This minivan is perfect for mums operating on a budget and those who are always multitasking. The fact that it has a V6 engine also guarantees a perfect drive on the highways. Should a mum encounter any emergencies, there would be no cause to worry. The van comes with a 3-year warranty that includes towing services in case of any mechanical problems.

2012 GMC Acadia Denali

For mums who may be in need of luxury, the 2012 GMC Acadia Denali aptly satisfies their tastes. Beyond its luxurious look, it is roomy enough to accommodate all members of the family. It comes embedded with a lot of cargo space as a well as a three-row seating arrangement. It is the perfect car to undertake a camping trip or even go for carpool lanes. Above all, the 2012 Acadia is sleek and stylish—a fact that is exhibited by its chrome wheels, DVD entertainment system and mahogany wood accents among others.

Hyundai Elantra (2012)

Affordability and fuel-efficiency are two words that epitomize the 2012 Hyundai Elantra. Coupled with its attractiveness, this automobile will appeal to working mums who are city dwellers. It boasts of a wonderful acceleration and spacious cabin that can ably accommodate a lot of luggage. It would seem like the whole make-up of the Hyundai Elantra centers on fun. The interior of the cabin is fitted with iPod connection ports, six-speaker sound and a satellite radio. Other intelligent features include rear view camera and voice-activated navigation systems.

Kia Forte SX

The 2011 Kia Forte SX is a five-door hatchback automobile that stands out for its sporty outlook. The fact that it is sporty belies its affordability, which should ultimately appeal to many mum drivers. Its spacious cabin ensures that mums can ferry a lot of luggage while undertaking trips or while on their normal routines. Its 5-year warranty undoubtedly makes it stand out as a must-buy vehicle for mum drivers. This is in addition to the fact that it comes embedded with a decade-old power train protection.

Written by Carlos J.
Being a dad of three kids, Carlos is also a self-confessed car enthusiast. He has recently bought his dream car, a 1998 Skyline GTR online from Carlos plans to conquer the German Autobahn next year with a group of like-minded friends.

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I so love this photo together with my mommy friends! This photo was taken when we had our outing and swimming together with our kids. We became close to each other when all of our kids are classmates in school. While waiting for them, we get along with each other as we talk about our lives being a mom and our life experiences as well.

We became even more close when we decided to go to the gym together. They are not only my gym buddies but they are my good friends who helped each other through good times and bad times. I thanked God for having a good friends like them. ^_^

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