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My dear friend Mommy Ruby of CDO Mom celebrated her blog’s First Blogoversary last May 2012 so as her way of thanking her readers and followers, she is giving away lots of super nice and fabulous items such as

American Home Coffee Maker
Asian Secrets Body Scrub + Soap Gift Pack
Asian Secrets Body Scrub + Soap Gift Pack
Diana Stadler Shower Gel + Body Bath + Dermablend Soap
Smart Steps Gift Pack
500 SM Gift Certificate

There will be 6 winners and it is open to all my readers and visitors who lives in Cagayan de Oro City or anywhere from Northern Mindanao who is willing to meet up Mommy Rubz  is he or she wins.  This giveaway will end on August 10, 2012 so, what are you waiting for? Join CDO Mom’s Mini Giveaway now!



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My family and really loves swimming because  aside from being fun, swimming is a great way to keep our body stay fit and stay healthy. It is a low impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits.

It is a great recreational activity because it makes us relax and feel good.

We love swimming by the beach or by the pool

It is our all time favorite family sport indeed!

I’m sharing our favorite sport for Golf and New Blog Giveaway at Sporty!

news and informations automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travelautomotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel

Jared's Little Corner

The ever cutie boy Jared of Jared’s Little Corner is celebrating his 2nd birthday and in celebration of his birthday, Jared’s mum is also sharing her thankfulness and appreciation to all the avid followers and readers of her little boy’s blog.This is actually a whole month affair  Jared and her mum are also celebrating their birthday this month.

Winners will be raffled via and will be announced on September 3, 2011.


But first, Jared’s Mum would like to thank all the sponsors for making this giveaway possible:

Major Sponsors

Filipino Recipes Personal Design Authority mumwrites

Jeff Aspacio’s Life as Experienced Daily

Minor Sponsors

Pinay Mommy Online Wonderful World of Melandria The All-around Mom SAHM’s Notebook Thoughts Online {secondhand} philosophy Baguio Girl

General Sponsors

Beauty Brite My Little Angels in America Corsame Lane Techie She GEORYL: Welcome to Our World The Life Encounters The Food Encounters Brown Pinay My Point of View iwahm Filipino Virtual Assistant Chizmiz to the Max SAHM Writes Ken Avenue Nshima Servings transfor.MAY.tion Walking News Paper Air Force Blogger My Thoughts in Letter My GOD-send Gifts

And for my answer to the question about any birthday party  ideas or suggestions for Jared’s birthday is:

Simply invite a few favorite relatives over for a celebration of  a cake and ice cream. And if Jared likes to party and you’re sure they will love all the attention, invite a few kids and their parents over for a party blowout complete with your two-year-old’s favorite cartoon character theme. Structure is actually not as important at this age. So just focus instead on everyone having a bit of wild fun, and the messier the better right?

It doesn’t matter if you have a good birthday party for your child. They may not remember the exact stuff, but what they remember  is the day on how they felt, that you made a big deal. It is a great way of creating memories each year.  As he grows old, he will begin anticipating his birthday party and all the ways that you made it fun.

My daughter’s recent birthday party was very inexpensive, but it was very memorable and fun. We took lots of pictures and talked about them for a couple weeks afterward because  I want her to reminisce the memory in her mind and reliving the feeling that she felt.That’s it! I hope that my suggestions could help. ^_^

I am also inviting you all to join Jared’s Little Corner Birthday Giveaway for a chance to win huge cash prizes, gift packs and other exciting prizes. So hurry! Join now!

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The Birthday girl Mommy Rubz of  who is the author behind SAHM Collections, Reviewer’s Haven in cooperation with her generous sponsor Bulinggit Corner and Blogging from Home is celebrating her birthday bash this month and she will be giving away this cool set of  Plants vs. Zombies plush toys and a book.

I would love to join since my daughter is such a huge fan of this game. Although she don’t know how to play it yet but she loves watching those zombies walking and those bright sunflower, peashooters and all those colorful things.

Here are the prizes:
1st Prize – Pea Shooter, Sunflower and Zombie Plush Toys

2nd Prize – Sunflower and Zombie Plush Toys


3rd Prize – Pea Shooter Plush Toy

4th Prize – Blogging from Home

This giveaway will end until July 31, 2011. Winners will be chosen via or video raffle and will be announced on or before August 5, 2011 so hurry! Join SAHM Collections Plants vs. Zombies Plush Toys and a Book Giveaway NOW!

news and informations automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travelautomotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel