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I find this cutie photo of my daughter reading a newspaper so witty and amusing! She’s really acting like an adult as if she knows what she was reading about. She actually saw some Hello Kitty photos on that newspaper that’s why she’s so eager to see it LOL!

Well, the way my daughter talks and act is quite different from any other kids here. Maybe because most of her friends are teenagers and adult ones. She would love to play with the other kids too but the kids here in our neighborhood is not so friendly that’s why she just choose to befriend those who are older than her.

She will be going to school this year and I would be glad to know if she could find some new kiddie friends in school. I just can’t imagine her wearing hip and trendy lady like clothes in sexy high heels with charm bracelets and other bling blings while walking fastidiously. ^_^

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I was laughing  when I found out that my daughter has been eating her  ice cream alphabet flash card…(she throw the pieces though… )   I think she’s craving for an ice cream and the flash card looks so real that’s why she enjoyed eating it. lol!

I’m sharing this funny moment of my daughter on


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My 3 year old daughter is such a sweet and loving child but when her strong-willed behavior strikes, sometimes I lost my patience on her and I have to spank her when she’s starting to show her feisty attitude. I don’t know where did she inherit that kind of attitude because hubby and I are not like that. As a first time mom, I’m also trying to learn how to handle her every time her tantrum strikes.

Bringing out children’s better behavior is easy if you have easy children. But it is a challenging responsibility when you are raising an active toddler with a feisty attitude. Good thing I do have some patience and consistency in understanding her. Children loves to get an attention.Whether it’s good or bad, I show to her that I’m in charge, and she had to do what I say because I am the parent. It will get worse before it gets better that’s why I wanted her to know that when she acts badly, there is a consequence for that.

Knowing a little toddler psychology really helped me as I go a long way toward turning this challenging stage of life into a wonderful experience. What I learned about disciplining a strong-willed kid like my daughter requires a lot of patience, firmness and consistency.

How about you? How did you handle and manage your toddler who has this kind of strong-willed behavior?

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A Good Eater

I am so thankful to God because unlike many other kids, she is not a picky eater. She eat almost anything and she wants to try out something new to her taste. I have no problems in feeding her. And until today, even if she eats rice and viand, she still loves to drink milk.Sometimes she prefers to eat only rice and she still loves to eat with a little soy sauce in it. She loves eating veggies too like string beans, cabbage, potatoes, etc. and she’s also a fruit lover. Some of her favorites are banana, apple and papaya.

Would you also believe that she loves taking syrup medicines too? I know most kids doesn’t like taking medicines because of its bitter-sweet medicine taste but she’s really the opposite since she loves it and she even wants some more. She even want me to let her take her left medicine even if she’s not sick at all.

To those mommies who are struggling on their Picky eater child, you can consider giving your child a daily vitamin if you think he/she is not eating well, although he probably doesn’t need it.

While you should provide three well-balanced meals each day, it is important to keep in mind that most younger children will only eat one or two full meals each day. If your toddler has  a good breakfast and lunch, then it is okay that he/she doesn’t want to eat much at dinner.

Other ways to prevent feeding problems are to not use food as a bribe or reward for desired behaviors, avoid punishing your child for not eating well, limit mealtime conversation to positive and pleasant topics, avoid discussing or commenting on your child’s poor eating habits while at the table, limit eating and drinking to the table or high chair, and limit snacks to two nutritious snacks each day.

You should also not prepare more than one meal for your child. If they doesn’t want to eat what was prepared for the rest of the family, then they should not be forced to, but you should also not give them something else to eat. They will not starve after missing a single meal, and providing alternatives to the prepared meal will just cause more problems later.

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