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We are already alarmed here in our place about this infectious diseases which severely affected the children. My daughter was even infected with these virus. Thanked God she is okay now. I noticed the spreading of this disease a few weeks ago. I felt so pity when I saw little babies who are suffering from this illness. Until today, this Viral Gastroenteritis or often called “stomach flu” are still spreading here in our place.

I did some research about this illness and I found out that Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach and small and large intestines. It is caused by a variety of viruses that results in vomiting, watery diarrhea and fever.

These viral gastroenteritis is contagious and the viruses that cause gastroenteritis are spread through close contact with infected persons. It also become infected by eating or drinking contaminated foods or beverages. Drinking water can also be contaminated by sewage and be a source of spread of these viruses.

Most of the babies and kids who are affected in this illness has been hospitalized in order to prevent dehydration. They have been given a supply of oral re hydration solution, antibiotics and vaccines. As of now since small babies are affected, we recommend the parents to let their babies admitted to the nearest hospital for proper medication. 


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It is really true that once you enter motherhood, you start living with everyone else’s welfare foremost on your mind. Before you know it, you have spread yourself too thin that you don’t even have  time for yourself right? do you agree with me mommies?

But in reality, we can still fulfill our role as a mother without having to lose ourselves in the process. We can have our “Me” time by giving our self a break. You can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, go back to the best parts of your favorite book, take a short walk around your lawn, go shopping and do anything that you like to do

We can also indulge in simple pleasures like having a cup of your favorite brew, a bar your favorite chocolate, a manicure, pedicure and beautify yourself with a newly rebonded hair just like mine. lol!

If you’re a  hardworking momma, you need to reward yourself with some pampering every now and then. When it’s too difficult to feel good on the inside, start with small steps on the outside. Sometimes it’s easier to feel good when you know you look good. Wear a little lipstick, take out those favorite pearls you only wear when there’s an occasion or you just play around with your hairstyle.

Motherhood is like a maze where there are so many twists and turns and sometimes a dead-ends. Like all puzzles, you eventually figure it out and get better at it. But you’ll have to be in good shape to survive it. Taking care of yourself will ensure that you have the energy to navigate through this maze in a way that will positively impact both you and your kids.

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Mommy Make over

For a new mom like me, I also experienced having that significant changes in my body where my abdomen became loose and it developed some stretch marks. My hips and thighs also developed bulges. I just hate looking at my over sized straight body where my curve body before is not visible anymore.

I know most mommies like me who already gained a lot of weight after giving birth would like to reclaim their bodies back on their slim figure. And if I have lots of money, I would do everything in order to lose weight. For those mommies who can afford to do it, they even want to rejuvenate themselves by going into a mommy make over plastic surgery in order to restore their body after pregnancy.

I do believe that this mommy make over can help the problem areas in removing those excessive fats and skin and toning muscle. So if you can afford it, why not try the fast and effective way of getting back your body in shape?



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We had a mommy and kids day out last weekend at the mall together with my fellow mommy friends. It was a tiresome yet a fun day for us mommies as we spend some time together with our little kiddos. I know that having kids adds time to everything and added time means added stress, hassle and inconveniences.

Although there is no sure fire way to transform our kids into perfect angels while we go shopping, but there are some things that we can do before we go shopping to keep our self sane with our children. Because kids have a lot of necessary accessories that they need to have with them at all times, we need such things that includes wet wipes, clean diapers, a drink, snacks, something to keep them busy like a toy, and perhaps a favorite item like a pacifier or a blanket. As a parent you know what our child cannot leave home without.

We also have to make sure that our kids are fed and rested when we go shopping with our kids.  The best times to go shopping are generally after breakfast in the morning or after a nap and lunch or snack in the afternoon. Nothing spoils an outing like a child who is tired. You know that when your child is tired, they are completely different as in more irritable, less obedient and more prone to throwing tantrums and strong willed behavior like my daughter when she’s not rested well. We just have to anticipate our child’s behavior and act accordingly.

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