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A few days ago, my daughter’s school ended their school year with the Moving Up Ceremony and Recognition Day. All pupils from nursery to Grade 1 had their dance presentation as well as giving of awards for both academic and moral values. My daughter received an award for Best in MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health). She also received a Character Excellence Award (Humility). She will be moving up to Grade 2 level this coming opening of classes in June. Whoa! How time flies so fast! I’m really getting old! LOL!

Anyway, I am excited for her next adventure in learning since she will be in Grade 2 soon. But before that, I’m planning to let her take a summer class since their school is offering a summer class on selected subjects. Congratulations my dear daughter Sydelle for the school well done! Till next school opening! We still have a long journey to go! (You know Mom’s role and duty never stops) ;)

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Digital audio tools continue to impact the recording world, and evolving from that virtual audio technology to plug-ins that are now integrated into all DAWs. Such programs allow for audio manipulation of thousands of virtual instruments and effects from hundreds of companies, all controllable by MIDI. For any guitarist or bassist recording at home, they’re a great alternative to collecting several head and cab combos, along with stomp boxes, in the quest to get the ultimate tone.

Thankfully, utilizing a combination of amp-modeling software and ni audio 2 from guitar center give guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, and even vocalists a range of possibilities from traditional stomp box type setups to out of this world effect manipulation and flexibility that is unheard of for analog setups.

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If you are affected with the problems of slow hair growth then the only way you can let this problem not affect you is by using hair pieces. These are extensions that can be added to your tresses to give you the perfect look. Even if you are having short hair, you can put on a style that requires long hairs with the help of this product.

You can also use these hairpieces for women to create all types of hair styles. You can have curly hairs or wavy hairs or whatever type you want. They can be given any desirable shape that can make you look better. You can use them to get a stunning look on a daily basis. They are easily available and it is easy to arrange them as well. Therefore, you are not needed to visit a salon as you can arrange them by yourself in whichever way you want.

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No matter how much we would like to avoid the obvious, there’s no denying that kids are hard work. Being a mother can be the best of times and the worst of times, but sometimes you’re so stressed it’s hard to tell the difference.

While people say that motherhood is a 24/7/365 job, the most important tip to help maintain your sanity is to take “time out” as a mother. It’s okay; they will be cared for,well fed, and amused just like you do, so you can stop stressing.We want a nation filled with happy, healthy and sane mums to bring up a new generation of happy, healthy and sane offspring, so here are our 5 best tips for staying sane:

Alone time

The secret is taking time out for you and making it fun or healthy or calming or whatever you want it to be. Psychologists regularly mention that one of the top 10 things you can do to ease stress and anxiety is masturbation. After all, the sensations it arouses make you feel really good, so why not indulge in some self-love. Visiting a grown-up toy from online places like Naughty But Nice keeps the purchase private and anonymous, so it can remain your special secret.

Soak in the Tub

Taking a warm bath seems to be a special treat for new mothers. Keep a supply of beautifully scented bath salts and candles on hand. The wafting aroma that surrounds you makes the experience even more enjoyable. And don’t forget the music; make sure it’s something soothing. This is NOT the time for industrial rock!

Schedule in Social Time

Make time to be with your friends to experience genuine adult conversation. Make sure the conversation steers away from babies or children; instead, chat about grown-up topics like you did before motherhood intervened.

Instead, you may prefer a girl’s night out at the cinema to see the latest Chick Flick, or make arrangements to visit a local restaurant. Just remember: no discussion whatsoever about anything related to babies or children.

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Pamper yourself

Maybe you need to get your hair trimmed, so think about a complete makeover with highlights or the latest style cut. Or indulge in a facial. It’s not just a time to relax; it’s also a great boost for your skin so you look and feel like a new woman. Maybe you would prefer a manicure or pedicure; as long as it feels indulgent, go for it!

Get some physical exercise

Exercise releases the body’s endorphins which act like “happy pills” to make you feel energized and alive. If you love the gym but haven’t been for a while, set a time and organize a babysitter so you can get a decent workout. Maybe you’d just like to take a walk around the local park or take a run on the beach. All of these activities are singular, so be sure to acknowledge the quiet and peace you are experiencing.

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